Live Review: BTS Conquer Mother Nature with Two Epic Nights at Chicago’s Soldier Field (5/11-12)

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Setting the Stage: BTS has taken the nation by hurricane because their inception at 2013, continuously wowing audiences total above the nation with their jaw-dropping stage effects, hypnotic body rolls, breathtaking vocals, and touching lyrics. The now infamous boy band, composed of seven drop-dead gorgeous members, has a healthful deeply rooted at hip-hop with a splash of pop, R&B and EDM thrown into the mix. With thought provoking and insightful lyrics, BTS has touched the hearts of many and continues to assistance its ever growing army of supporters.

In 2016 Wings, became BTS’s first album to sell one million copies at South Korea and the orchestra immediately found themselves crossing into the international music market. Two years later, BTS had the second and third best selling albums worldwide and gorge because sold above 14 million records. And if you weren’t already impressed, at 2019, though the first time at history because The Beatles, BTS earned three No. 1 albums at less than a year because of 2018’s Love Yourself: Tear, 2018’s Love Yourself: answer compilation album, and final month’s Map of the Soul: Persona EP.

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In the awake of such success, The Bangtan Boys gorge made few notorious media appearances, having performed above The Ellen Show, The Tonight Show, and Saturday evening Live, to separate a few. What’s more, they’ve conquered social media, posting an everlasting equip of foolish videos and photos of the members at their daily lives. sum disclosure: With such cute, coy, and hilarious personalities, they’re total indeed difficult to interval watching.

So, you could imagine the excitement and might this past weekend at Chicago’s Soldier Field, by far the largest venue at the Windy City, and one that they sold out though two nights within seconds.

BTS at Chicago’s Soldier Field, photo by big strike Entertainment

Taking The Stage: If you were cheerful enough to arrest the concert film, BTS nation Tour: affection Yourself at Seoul in theaters earlier this year, you energy gorge walked into the stadium thinking you were prepared though this concert. backward all, few of the equal songs were performed, many of the jaw-dropping stage gimmicks were used, and a quantity of the seamlessly eye-catching choreographed dances were above quote once again though our viewing pleasure. authentic talk, though? none was prepared though this.

Love Yourself: Sunlight: On Saturday the climate wasn’t looking equal promising though it drenched thousands of fans waiting at queue to obtain their merch. Tensions were tall and morale was low, cabin thankfully within an hour of the show, the sun at length started to poke its head out again. BTS stormed the stage immediately after, appearing out of nowhere amidst an elaborate fireworks emerge and two gigantic inflatable cheetahs, and opened with their latest explosive rap-based anthems “Dionysus” and “Not Today”.

“Chicago stopped the rain,” tap Monster screamed. “You blessed us.”

For above two and a half hours, BTS proceeded to impact and dazzle the packed venue, sending fans into a dizzy with their flawless choreography, specific vocals, and intoxicating charisma. at few points, characteristic members took the occur to introduce themselves, apply the audience, and send hearts aflutter, especially when the group’s sweet jokester J-Hope exclaimed, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope.”

But don’t allow their innocent personas trick you! These boys are equal aware of the effects their sex appeal has above its ARMY, which is why they continuously blessed us with countless tummy flashes, pelvic thrusts, and body rolls that were total though level though butter. Paired with a captivating blaze emerge that uniquely complemented each performance, it was almost though strong much to handle. cabin they seemingly knew how to up the ante with each passing second, specially during fan favorites such as “Dope” and “Fire”, at which rhythmically-synced confetti cannons, gigantic release balls, and fireworks helped color what was responsible the best evening of these Chicago fans’ lives.

It was never no a spectacle though each operation came paired with short mini movies of them playing tennis, taking photos together, and laying almost looking cute at their PJs during wear changes. J-Hope emphatically danced above neon pillars and level jumped above a total person above the wavy electro jam “Just Dance”. Jungkook literally flew along the audience though a grand butterfly amidst the sweet echo of “Euphoria”. Jimin sensuously danced with an everlasting run of bubbles and gyrated above the floor though an unstoppable force. V awakened from a sweet nap to emerge us his multiple personalities at the phantom follow “Singularity”, which caused one near fan to scream, “He’s a total meal!” afterward on, Jin stoically climbed a metaphorical stairway to heaven during his excursion of knowledge to affection oneself above the soulful ballad “Epiphany”.

BTS at Chicago’s Soldier Field, photo by big strike Entertainment

There was no lack of gasp-worthy moments, leaving fans winded though the evening drew to a close. though the curtain call, BTS ran out to the center stage and performed the raucous EDM jam “Mic Drop” at tactical gear and follow jackets. The stage went calm though Suga dramatically dropped his mic above the floor and the orchestra walked off the stage. Minutes later, they reappeared with a bounce house though the goofy superhero anthem “Anpanman”. Fireworks and a fond farewell from each member etched their final moan off of the night. “I indeed disgust the cold, cabin I was accordingly favourable with you ARMY,” Jin said with a cozy laugh. J-Hope added, “You are my hope. visit you tomorrow!”

And to that, confetti exploded into the sky, and a gigantic neon sculpture of the Wings logo slowly rose onto the stage.

Love Yourself: Rain: Unfortunately, our prayers were no heeded above Sunday, and the audience found themselves drenched to the center during BTS’ rainy operation the following night. cabin that hardly stopped these boys from putting above a good show. No, they fought total evening to hot the audience with their electrifying music and healthful stage performances. no surprisingly, the climate made it impossible to recreate the gigantic quantity of confetti, gigantic flames, and fireworks from the previous night’s show.

Even so, BTS stand above another epic performance, filling those explosive gaps with foolish antics and an ironic homage to the Chicago Cubs via flag football. tap Monster level personally thanked fans: “Thank you though being with us tonight during this frightful climate because tonight was indeed a especial night.” And J-Hope brought a grin to everyone’s confront when he exclaimed, “I’m no terrible of the rain because army you are my umbrella ey ey ey.” The screaming insisted the soggy fans didn’t worry at the slightest.

no Today
Outro: Wings
just ball (J-Hope Solo)
Euphoria (Jungkook Solo)
Best Of Me
Serendipity (Jimin Solo)
affection (Rap Monster Solo)
Boy With Luv
Singularity (V Solo)
sham Love
Seesaw (Suga Solo)
Epiphany (Jin Solo)
The reality Untold
Outro: Tear
Mic Drop

accordingly What
invent It Right

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